The Light Rail Line in Minneapolis-Bloomington, Minnesota - Additions in 2014

In 2004, the area of Greater Minneapolis, Minnesota, was added in this way would be to change the way city residents traveling to and from work. The light rail has been introduced to increase travel on Metro Transit and easiest way to Bloomington, the Mall of America from the cities. The line, which is managed by the company, the buses are all Twin Cities ", which connects downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport and the infamous Mall ofAmerica.

This underground train takes twenty hours a day leaving every 7-15 minutes during the day, and about 15-30 minutes apart during the evening hours. This line has to admire the city and a great success for Metro Transit. Approximately 65% of participants more with this option easy ride through the city regularly. The light railway, the path is fairly simple. Begins in the warehouse district of Minneapolis and subway trains to the west of Minneapolis. Runs through the cityfollowing Hiawatha Avenue in Midtown in Hiawatha Park and Fort Snelling. After Reiter to the international airport and the last stop is made at the Mall of America. This is a total of 17 stations, a trip from downtown Minneapolis to the MOA about 45 minutes. Seems like long ago, but the landscape and the scarcity of rush hour traffic makes this a bonanza for travelers and Mall-goers alike.

There are three places that have Station Park-and-ride lots that are exempt fromCosts. These are the 28 Avenue, Bloomington, Fort Snelling and Lake Street / Motown. These are very valuable in downtown Minneapolis parking lot or the main attraction, as the current Metrodome and Target Center can get quite expensive. This is why my driver will love this new travel option.

The next phase of the light environment Twin Citie Rail will connect the addition of a second line from downtown Minneapolis, the Twin cities' University, which tracksalong the center city of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The design is very complex and the planning is still underway. The project is expected some time around 2014 completed travel by the metro Twin Citie play a simple and organized.

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