The past and present of life Soul Mate Connections and Higher Self Channeling My Father

During my senior year in high school I was accepted to Berea College in Berea, KY, where I started a new chapter in my life. The second semester of registration for a class of musical theater and applied for the musical South Pacific. I took a instant liking for the teacher. One day after the test, I noticed that he was standing in a corner on the stage crying. I approached her and asked her what was wrong. His father had died the week before. We talked for a bit 'and she offered to drop memy dorm. Chat and enjoy her company by way of my dorm gave me a strong feeling of déjà vu.

I knew at that moment that we not only teachers and students, but we have also become good friends. My intuition proved correct, because Janet was a dear friend, mentor and second mother to me. She encouraged me to continue to learn and work hard. She took me to cultural events and helped me with foreign languages. He told me that I needed to leaveSmall town of Berea, KY and you will see a part of the world and what he had to offer. He spoke of a summer musical, cultural and educational institution, where he studied in the summer, many years ago. Having a job in one of the hotels in Chautauqua, Janette also prompted me to Chautauqua, NY, and met me at the airport when I returned Berea, at the end of summer. She helped me to write query letters and a curriculum and also helped me to improve my English language skills, vocabulary and grammar. Wasalways there when I need a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to.

Needless to say, Janette felt so familiar from the outset. We are very comfortable around each other and we always have much to tell. My friend Marsha and I spent Christmas my first year with Janette. Lived alone with her white poodle, Eider de Neige, the fluff of snow is not in French. We'd like to drink cider, Christmas cookies and snacks, while playing Scrabble and we'd goLook for units in the vicinity of Christmas lights. He bought gifts for us and wonderful dishes. They told me that the woman must be a gourmet chef in more than a previous life, because it could make the simplest dishes rich and delicious.

Marsha and I would spend some weekends with her. Often lead us to the parks as Jenny Wiley State Park and other places of this kind. We would like to go to concerts and she brought us both to Aspen, Colorado, along with threeother students during the summer of my first year. They have covered all expenses except for tickets to concerts. To this day I will never forget the look that hypnotized took upon myself when I heard this young black soprano in a concert. I knew at that moment I had to take singing lessons and learn to sing opera. Until then, I never cared about or listen to. When I hear the word opera, which I had taken notes of the sopranos, so high that it would break chandelier think. In hindsight I realize that theTrip to Aspen, Colorado, and the concerts we attended throughout the week awoke some memories deep soul.

Janette, though I listen when I spoke of the supernatural, it was argued that it has no real interest. However, I share some interesting stories, lend me to believe that they could have just a little 'more "open minded" that have left about.

After I graduated from Berea, I visited Janet in Bloomington for six weeks. Took a year off. The liquidationlive there for the next six years and finished my graduate work in education at Indiana University. After all these years, Janette and I am still in contact. Many years ago a medium told me in a reading that love is a woman in my life is music. He said that this woman was my mother in a past life in Italy, when we were both involved with the work. No wonder, as Janette was my singing teacher in this life, and it was that kind of adopted me wanted to say. Even before thispsychic reading, I called his mother, and she would call her boys. This is a woman who does not approve or believe in the metaphysical or New Age spirituality. I believe it is their soul, and could soon recognized me, and I often called her mother. I go home on weekends and its cutting grass and doing homework after Marsha and I broke my second year.

Janette would listen to my sad childhood stories and I encourage my life. Was an excellentAccompanist. I studied singing with her for five years and had pursued a career in opera at some point. My deep friendship with Janet reminds me that two souls have to believe or be involved in mental metaphysics for their souls in order to recognize the other. I think that is the soul of the knowledge that unconscious memories to take over activated in this life. This is what creates a connection that is the basis for the formation of a new relationship in this life. This is very clear whenis, added to meet our soul mates, we have known, and has been involved with in the past.

The spark that makes sense to recognize the forces that determine what kind of attraction and connection is to be done, come on. Although this is true for all types of relationships, this is especially true for the romantic interest and the people who fall in love with her. I always remind customers of magic, wonder and karma that two souls together to do a jobReport. As I got more involved with metaphysics, and my spirituality, the sentences that sometimes you meet someone who speaks only of the type "I know that I like her, or that we have met before," or "Love at First sight" has assumed greater importance. One teacher said, metaphysics, karma is a way to create scenarios that love at first sight, that we have so often come into force.

I'm not saying or implying that every case is that I feel that I received met somewherebefore or at first glance a previous life, love spells soul mate connection. But sometimes it is not. I checked the Wikipedia on the Internet, the current world population and who said January 4, 2010, the consensus of the world population currently estimated at 6,794,200,000 people. Wow, that's a lot of people are almost seven billion souls incarnate on the planet at this time. When you think about what are the chances of two souls meeting and falling in love and countless otherRelationships that are formed? You can believe me some of these meetings appear to be nothing more than chance or coincidence. But we metaphysical "people" know better. I would say that, except perhaps with a few exceptions, there are always exciting and very attractive possibility that someone is very likely that we have known the person. More than likely, we will come back, work out something and teach them some lessons needed. When the lessons and learn(If you do not create additional karma) the strength of the group, to reduce the souls and the relationship is usually attributed to the end.

Sometimes I work more than one lesson, past, or who is often the case, education. This account can be for some very bizarre and complicated relationships. I always remind clients and friends, is the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. For every one person hate someone, connected with them, andGuaranteed to meet again in a future life of hatred and determination to transform the energy of love. I tell people when walking down the street and ran into her ex-boyfriend, husband, wife, etc. and felt soaring emotions of anger, hatred, etc., so in many cases they have done with this person. Indeed, if the energy was really balanced and healed, there is a calm and detachment from this person.

This does not mean there is no place for the approval ofI feel the hate and hurt feelings and adequately expressed. There is a place for a fight healthy 'and disagreements. It can be very part of the movement of energy and healing and the resolution of karma, questions and problems. If hatred is not solved, will be healed and life in general stronger in the next. And sometimes the abuses of the past and the hatred will be the focus of intense energy, the attraction that two people feel to createMeeting. The abuses of the past can do without many connections difficult and soulmate relationships.

As the saying goes "Rome was not built overnight." Neither is the most problematic relationships healed overnight. Yes, unresolved childhood issues account for some of the psychological problems that afflict many difficult relationships and the track. I can certainly vouch for that. But we came metaphysics "people" to believe that the soul of these challenges and decidedLearning and obstacles to overcome, so that we can heal and go with green lawns and things bigger and better as the saying goes.

I remember a little piece I wrote. One day I was reading the Bible and think about loved Jesus, Lord Sananda. I asked him how he did what he did. His response was that if I were different and would be only holy, because I was willing to pay the great price. I knew that with all my heart that I wanted to rest and be free of all --restlessness, confusion, conflict, hatred and anger, had been with me for many years, and the life that was to learn later. Anger can have the word that should be replaced for trouble.

After writing the piece I have with tears. I remember praying aloud. "Precious Jesus, I know I never like to be her, but maybe I can be more like it. I want to give up all this anger and hatred gnaws at my soul. I want to be one day be able to point that has developedI could say what you have, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing harm" to anyone as I am concerned in any way, mental, emotional, mental or physical disability. I want to be able to spread the other cheek if someone strikes you on the cheek. I know I'm still not there, but before dying is that when I want to be. "

"Then it should be so," I heard in my head as clear as if Jesus had loved over the years has come into my world. I could feel his sacred aura and the great outpouring of loveexpected that with his aura and being. This day was a day I have never forgotten. I intuitively knew in my gut, which would be a part of my healing and forgiveness of the owners of media hatred I felt for my father. The road to recovery and beyond the anger and hatred is to admit the fact, (it's amazing how many people who hate to deny someone their looks sometimes a lot, the gestures and the words not otherwise specified Cam), to discover, to do then and only then, can be given by them.

I hadmode of denial myself and I know how desperate denial. How can you heal if we do not even admit what it is, is sick and ruin our lives? I think the story I once heard of a psychiatrist who has worked with a woman married to an abusive husband. When he asked her if she hated her husband. "No, I do not hate him," he said. He asked again. "No, I hate my husband," said a little 'stronger. So went a couple of times then exclaimed: "No, I do not knowGD I hate the SOB. "

Turning finally to admit that I hated my father was the start of the long journey of healing. This amount of information that my guide had come to me fascinated and turned on my interest expense and shot my decision, but I knew that this would be a mammoth task to achieve and accomplish. I also knew that it was one that I was determined to come hell or high water, as the saying goes, it was through.

What this has to do with connections soulmate? Youask. It has to do with them. Our soul mates are not only our partners, friends or spouses. You can use our father, our brother, sister, mother, cousin, a school teacher, a neighbor, even a poor boy in jail. Our links to these souls are not in this life and this is often not an end. Many times we have to incarnate again and again to meet our soul mate and love in different ways. Of course, we, the so-called bad karma with every soul mate.There is a good karma as well. Thank God! When I do readings for people who have relatively no conflict with their partners, I tell them that their good karma that will have earned it. Those who are encouraged by the constant struggle to hang there and not run out prematurely, or will meet with the soul once again to resolve the outstanding issues.

Some of our closest allies and kindred spirits are our enemies, or so-called enemy. My fellow writer and good friend, Sherri Cortland,In his wonderful book that goes into this frequency and adds vision touching the subject. My father is an enemy, and soulmates. Although it is basically a Heartless, cruel monster, in this life, fortunately, for my growth and profit, I learned that behind all the anger and hatred that we have a deep love for another soul. I need to repeat this phrase? Yes, I know it is to swallow a mouthful, and perhaps a little 'hard or chew. Tell me, when I was eleven and heBeat my mother and told me it would just as soon kill me as look at me and tell me that I was a loser and would never get into something, because I was an asshole deep. These words were sharper than any two-edged sword and would have hurt me more than the physical blow.

Destined to be sworn, and decided to work with my hatred for my father and to heal and move forward, I believe, is what has opened many doors. For, as saying watch out what we call, we understand.Ultimately, forgiveness, love, and these are decisions we make. The renunciation of hatred is also a choice, and no, I do not mean to suggest that the soul will involve much research, the work and challenges. I'm not saying it's impossible and can not be achieved. It can certainly happen if we are willing and persistent enough, and throw in some daring and willingness to take risks.

Experience, which I wrote some twenty-seven years has shown me that our Higher Self is alwaysactive and available, I might add, as a game, to grow old "me" games and routines more and more tired, and who are willing to give it up. When I have twenty-six I finally concluded that I was ready to separate right to a name change, a part of my relationship with my father and ask for my identity and their freedom. I had, and with different names for many years experimenting and trying to tell and convince me that my connection was made with my father, and we were ready. My therapistknew and told me often elsewhere. So I want with names like Denis mikiri Michael Chaumont veiled in honor or in part, my trainer operates and the second mother Janette, whose surname Spine Amboise-Chaumont. I have had other names, and if they say, suggests that schizophrenia lunch alone in possession of truth, humor, in a certain place, I was only half of schizoid, I even had different names for each person, which I call "me." Finally, after years of dealing with this struggle with my identityConnection to my father, I had made enough progress that the spirit told me that I was doing now able to change the legal name. That seemed good to me and so I went to the court house and completed the paperwork and began to do what I should do to perform this operation.

Around nine o'clock clock I sat in my big soft plush chairs, and had drifted to sleep. I woke up with my father's name in large neon green on a marquee in New York City. "Oh, the Big Apple," I saidloud. "What's that?"

"We see a photo of the" Big Apple "because you want everyone in this life," I heard in my head. "I am a very big spirit, and the" Big Apple "is a metaphor to remind you that you remember your dream to sing a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York for your fortieth birthday."

"I remember this dream. The great dream never came true."

"It's never too late for big dreams coming true. You can sing in Carnegie Hall in a parallelSize, or even later, so take a cold pill and continue to link your dream come true. "

I rubbed my eyes and I decided to push these thoughts and words to one side for the moment. I had early in the morning and the men meet at the courthouse to complete the change of name. But I was a bit 'tired and I had the urge to write. I was looking for a pencil and pen, and all the things that I thought I would never do, I channeled my father, the higher self. IfI have had five pages before me, when I finished, I had come to the conclusion that I have dreamed or imagined that the meeting's most unusual.

My father is in itself substantially above me said is that he was sorry for everything that my father had been in contact with me. He went on to say that I put through "hell", so to speak, has decided to cure solid strong, and one of mine. He said that even though I felt weaker than my six brothers and sisters, I was actually thestronger. I want to share my values and I would go places and realize that no one in my family ever to achieve. He said that my father and I had the creation of this agreement before I was even born. Yes, we were rivals in the life of the past, but it was all part of a game that we had chosen to play and learn. It reminded me that I am the only child to be left how to pass my father, and I like him more than most of my brothers.

"Go ahead and change your name, hecontinued. That "they deserve to have done just that at this point in time, with many years of treatment and hard work, what your father I'd never do in this situation. But do not deceive you! This can be formal and outward gesture and can never separate the soul connection and deep love that exists between you and your father. They will meet again, and their rivalry will be converted to true love and partnership and become like brothers and companions will be other coasts.

Hesaid so much that I hate and anger, as did my father and that is something that we had in common was divided and, although the origin of some of our hatred and anger had nothing to do with other. He added that the anger and hatred that has many gifts and I could both bring to light and love. My father, the higher self said it was sad to see that my father would have this task in a first level in this life. He insisted that I would like. Said that I stock is a great fatherancient and deep love that can not mind the amount of hate and anger sever forever. I told my father to forgive and I will be free, and I would also go through life, for example, help free my father, though much of this body would be after my father made his transition into account.

Higher Self dad, said: "Joe really love you, Michael. We must never forget," and then left. Needless to say, I was stunned and speechless. I was with a volcanic rage for a few momentsand wanted to scream, and curse of my father on the tip of the lung. Wanted to transform the shape and displacement in a terrible dragon is so powerful that I am the piece of paper I had written these words in each memory, and who live in my heart and my soul might be able to burn. Basically, I wanted to curse my father, his higher self and hope that you have Drop Dead.

Fortunately, this increase was the passionate rage of short duration. I let my inner child crying and too many cruel things remind meThe father said and did to me. As I said, the way in which anger to heal the anger and the pain is so experienced and feel the old pain. This means that what I did. I got up and took a shower. I was sweating. When I was in my PJ was as if I had clean water. The anger was gone. I managed to calm her trembling hands and knees enough so that I read what I could just through a kind of automatic writing.

This time the tears when I read the wordsspoken by the Higher Self of my father. Without explaining how I knew, I knew that I was really channeling the higher self of my father. There was no way to deny it and also no way that my conscience if I had written these words ever could. I studied the words and even took the paper with me in court the next day. That's not to say that I was completely healed. It would be days when I would forget the automatic writing, and falls into the clutches of the inner self and babyA part of me that my father hated. But my higher self that remind me from time to time, the fact that our enemies as our most valuable assets and friends. Over time, there have been for the hatred and anger to move. When my father three heart bypass surgery in December 1997 had on the night of Christmas Eve, then a case of developing Parkinson's disease and wounds in hospital for three months, I visited him every weekend. Sometimes I sat in his room while he slept. Another time I helpedhim to stand up and lean on me so up and down the corridor to the legs and muscles, could walk for training. When it's over in a nursing home 1999-2004, the year of his death, I visited many times that I could.

Nothing was said about my visit with the Higher Self. Not a word about my childhood or the monster who had spoken. What has been said, there are few words for a few happy memories of my childhood, I think, as Dad always ensure that we had a good Christmas, weFilm to visit our grandparents and several parks and the Great Smoky Mountains, a summer camp. As the tears ran cheeks at his funeral, I told myself. Dear Jesus, I know not how to develop, but one would think that I have made some progress? "Then I saw a picture of her beloved Jesus, in my mind and transforms the image into a picture of my father. I heard the words of a poem I wrote many years ago:" I am a part of everything . All this wasand being born all. If the spark of life takes me from this land, will be welcomed by the new dawn! "

I learned that our soul mates in all shapes, sizes and shapes and people. Years ago I never thought in a million years I would say what I say in the next few sentences. They are also well known for my clients and friends of the same thing to remember when they say they will never forgive or give to someone else can do their hatred against the injustice donethem. Now I often say that when we have at least the minimum level of wisdom we never say "never", because we never know when we are eating those words.

What I have never thought that I can say is, my father is one of my most popular and well maintained as my soul mate and beloved teacher and friend, Janette. Although this is a mean and ruthless tyrant, taught me many things. Janette has been a teacher much more sweet love, you remember, but there is still much to learnthe dark and light. As long as the land rises completely to a higher dimension, the darkness is as much a part of life on Earth, as the light.

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