Where are the best OB-GYN jobs?

With today's economic instability OB / GYN physicians select any advantage to have the best job. However, to find out where the best jobs in obstetrics and gynecology, has different needs from other specialties. The profit potential of an OB / GYN is ultimately determined by the convergence of community need and are influenced market share. If there really is a need in the community for the success is expected if the goal is to gain market share, there will be a constant struggle and remainsuccess. In this context we can to the demographic characteristics of regions throughout the country, you want a major challenge to the topic will find the best OB / GYN job for you.

According to the Medical Group Management Association, the average OB / GYN to $ 248,000 in the East, the Midwest $ 322,000, $ 317,000 and $ 284,000 in the south-west. Another way of looking at the regional income disparities at the upper limit of the look-for-profit. The 75%-Tile offers a reasonable expectationIf at the end. For our four regions, which we were looking at $ 297,000 $ 385,000 $ 376,000 and $ 318,000 respectively. Think of OB / GYN doctors earn 75% in East and West in less than the average OB / GYN in the Midwest and in about the same as in the south. This is a pretty big discrepancy, and if you consider that the higher cost of living and are taxed to the west and east of the income gap is even greater.

One of the reasons for differences in incomeis the number of doctors has a surface area in proportion to population. It's pretty much does, since the majority of doctors remain within a radius of 100 miles of their residency program. Not all residents stay in that range, but enough that makes the difference. Keep in mind that there are approximately 50% of training in the United States in the northeast corridor and the region now accounts for only 18% of the population of the country. How many programs for a population of contraction, itto see that it is gone forever ready saturated.

The Midwest is the clear leader in terms of economic opportunities for OB / GYN doctors. While one quarter of the nations OBGYN residences are in the Midwest tend to be spread more evenly throughout the region. The Midwest will benefit from lower costs of living, rates of irregularities lower recovery rates were higher and less managed care in higher income and better OB / GYN translation work.

If you consider that only 27%The programs are in the south, and this region now account for 36% of the population, it is understandable that there is a large market for gynecology / obstetrics. The average income is almost identical to the Midwest and Southern States will benefit from unprecedented growth. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, four of the top ten fastest growing states, has increased by more than 700,000 people per year since 2005. From the perspective of a population-basedPotential is enormous, in the south and, as such, the average OB / GYN earned more in the south-east or west.

While there is no doubt there are jobs in the East and West, the doctors are simply better in the midwestern and southern states. The economy and demographics of these states are better suited for physicians. Since the income is not necessarily the end all in determining the quality of a practice, physicians should consider their individual circumstances. However,OB / GYN 's who want to maximize their profit potential should seriously consider looking for positions in the South and Midwest.

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